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Why ‘Made in America’ is more than a marketing strategy

When you see the label “Made in America,” what comes to mind? Perhaps images of hardworking American artisans and craftsmen painstakingly creating high-quality goods using time-honored techniques. Or maybe you think of the pride that comes from supporting local communities and businesses — or the sense of patriotism that often inspires these brands and their products. While these associations may all be true, Made in America is more than a great marketing strategy. Choosing American-made products can have a host of advantages, from promoting sustainability to bolstering regional and national economies.

These benefits aren’t just reserved for brands themselves, but are enjoyed by consumers as well. In fact, in a 2021 survey, nearly 70 percent of respondents said they prefer American-made products.

One of the greatest benefits of American-made products is the high-level of quality, and thus durability — often a result of stricter quality standards and the craftsmanship involved in bringing such products to life. In the race to the bottom on price, many — if not most — U.S. companies rely on overseas factories in countries like China to mass produce their goods. While this means lower costs for businesses and consumers, it also means less control over the quality, which can mean lower overall quality. 

A recent survey found that 83% of consumers are willing to pay more for American-made products. 

A key advantage of American-made products is improved sustainability. Because these goods are made here in the US of A — often with sustainably sourced materials from the U.S. — their environmental footprint is smaller than brands that source and ship materials and/or products from other, far-away countries. American manufacturers are also subject to strict environmental regulations. This helps ensure the responsible use of resources and minimizes waste. 

By choosing products made in America, you can feel confident that you’re supporting businesses that take their environmental impact seriously. Compare this to countries like China, which was the largest emitter of carbon dioxide in 2021 — producing 31 percent of all global emissions that year, according to Statista — proving that cheaper goods come at a cost to us all.

“Labour day is a great American holiday that people celebrate by going out and buying products made in China.”
―David Letterman

Last but not least, buying American-made products helps support local communities and businesses. American manufacturers — and the customers who buy from them — are supporting jobs and economic growth in their own backyard. This means strengthened local economies and a more stable, self-sufficient supply chain. Plus, because American manufacturers are so rooted in the communities in which they operate, they often provide a high level of accountability for their customers. This helps create a sense of trust and loyalty between brands and their customers that is not easily replicated. 

To sum it up, Made in America is more than a catchy slogan or marketing strategy. Instead, it represents an attitude, or philosophy, that is concerned with the outcomes and byproducts of its work. For many American-made brands, that means having a positive impact on their community and country and creating something lasting — qualities that are highly appreciated and desired by Americans.

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